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47th Week of Slovenian Drama

Damir Avdić


Maska, Mini theater


Director, composer and stage designer: Damir Avdić
Dramaturg (expert consultant): Barbara Krajnc
Costume designer: Grega Zorc
Lighting designer and technical manager: Janko Oven
Production manager and executive producer: Tina Dobnik


Grega Zorc, Damir Avdić

About the performance

It is two thousand and sixteen. The world is coming to an end. God has retreated. There is nobody left to direct Faust. Mephisto walks into a bar …

Avdić’s Mephisto does not attempt to bring down stereotypes of mythical excitement about two poles, nor does it attempt to establish them. In fact, it does not attempt anything. It enters the life stories of the human and divine spirit of protagonists directly and   uncompromisingly. These protagonists are Damir Avdić and Grega Zorc. Mephisto and God. A patient and a psychiatrist. A director and an artist. Mephisto, a fine member of society, has preserved his sense of humour despite being greatly preoccupied with work. Of course, he is to blame for everything. For illness. Conspiracy. Manipulation. Nonsense. Absurdity. Surrender. Revolution. Anarchy. Capitalism.  Performance. Me. Him. … He is, however, no longer sure about his supremacy. And this is what breaks him. So he walks into a bar where he asks a mason to sell him his soul. He wants to get on his feet and ask God and man a few essential questions. Because both have to know the answers. Because man is God and God is man.

The Culture and Media Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia informed us of an anonymous report regarding the Mephisto project’s lack of the use of Slovenian language in a public event. In accordance with the Inspectorate’s instructions, we were required to adapt the text into Slovenian.

Première: 22 September 2016

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