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47th Week of Slovenian Drama

Nik Škrlec and the team

π off or how I Memorised 3141 Decimals

k. g. Institute – Performance factory, Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television of the University of Ljubljana, Margareta Schwarzwald Institute


Dramaturgs: Katja Černe, Nika Švab
Stage designer: Vid Žnidaršič
Lighting designer: Borut Bučinel


Nik Škrlec

About the performance

"God made the integers, all else is the work of man." Leopold Kronecker, mathematician

π off or how I Memorised 3141 Decimals is an excursion into the imagination of the national champion in memorising and reciting the number π, an authorial project by Nik Škrlec, a theatre performance staging an imaginary world created while memorising decimals of π. It is an insight into the absurd and witty part of the memory palace technique that Nik uses to memorise the 3141 decimals and an invitation to join him in memorising, playful imagination and madness. It is the most precise, vivacious and physical presentation of how anyone can memorise a great amount of numbers; this performance is also the end of Nik’s master’s studies at the ul agrft and he must certainly be the first actor to get his master’s by studying π.

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π off or how I Memorised 3141 Decimals