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47th Week of Slovenian Drama

Miha Golob, Maruša Majer and Maja Šorli

Nikita. Born in 1985.

Glej Theatre


Director: Miha Golob
Dramaturg: Maja Šorli
Costume designer: Nika Batista
Language consultant: Klasja Kovačič
Lighting designer and technical manager: Grega Mohorčič
Executive producer: Barbara Poček
The songs "Slave Drive" and "Princess" by the duo Wanda & Nova deViator are used in the performance.


Maruša Majer

About the performance

The recent Radan Affair revealed how medical staff were executing orders and the actions of Radan’s superiors were put under the magnifying glass and as well as those of the nursing staff. If only a  few years ago we were wondering how "mere mortals" from Joshua Oppenheimer’s film The Act of Killing could recount so blithely their wartime actions, then the Radan Affair made us rethink the  responsibility of all those who form a chain of command in a hierarchical systems that are supposed to serve a good cause.

Nikita. Born in 1985. is a performance about obedience to authority without temporal or geographic limitations. Every nation learns about the problem of obedience through its historic experience. The structure of authority is not something distant and unattainable, because every kind of networking in a society forms a structure of its own. Are we, the people, still able to use our moral compass once we adopt the expected role and gain power?

Première: 4 March 2016

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Nikita. Born in 1985.