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47th Week of Slovenian Drama

Nataša Keser


Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television of the University of Ljubljana


Directors: Strahinja Mlađenović, Zala Sajko
Dramaturg: Nina Šorak
Stage designers: Strahinja Mlađenović, Andrej Kurent
Light designer: Anže Virant
Costume design consultant: Andrej Vrhovnik
Songs based on folk motives from Resia arranged by Prof. Žarko Prinčič
Musicians: Urška Cvetko (flutes), Janez Krevel (double bass), Marko Mozetič (banjo)


Nataša Keser

About the performance

The performance is an authorial project based on motives from a Slovenian folk tale about Tolovaj Mataj, which the young master’s student knew from an old audio cassette tape. With her creative team she set out onto a journey through this tale from her childhood and created a short monodrama using improvisations. In the performance, Nataša meets a Young Man – her peer – who becomes the central character of her version of the tale of Tolovaj Mataj. The Young Man finds out the story of his curse, bravely sets on a journey to recapture his soul and nearly perishes following the long and arduous travel into the desert. There, the Young Man encounters Tolovaj Mataj, an old goon who’s missing the final skull to complete his house built of human bones. The Young Man’s journey almost finishes here, but he decides to persist – he’s willing to go all the way to hell to regain his lost soul.

Première: 10 June 2016

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