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47th Week of Slovenian Drama

Authorial project based on Dominik Smole's Games and Plays

We're Sailing

Anton Podbevšek Theatre and Kino Šiška, Centre for Urban Culture, Ljubljana


Director and choreographer: Jana Menger
Dramaturg: Sandi Jesenik
Costume designer: Rosana Hribar
Stage designer: Petra Veber


Maruša Majer, Barbara Ribnikar, Vid Klemenc, Primož Pirnat, Milan Štefe

About the performance

In the performance We’re Sailing, Jana Menger and her team transfer the text based on Dominik Smole’s plays (Games and Plays, 1957) into the medium of choreography, in which Menger is interested principally in the different kinds of embodiment of the (social, political) system. This, in turn, transfers Smole’s metaphorical drama ecosystem into the present time.

In each of the three plays, Menger connected to and detected a different performing strategy; therefore she chose the text On Ships and Life for the main corpus for the textual, while using the other two as additional material for the skeleton, which provides the whole with a sort of fine, meditative, absurdist atmosphere. Menger is interested how the beginnings of the Slovenian poetic drama can come to life with contemporary scenic procedures that were more intensely introduced into art after World War II, in the very years when Smole wrote his Games and Plays. In the first text, A Little Something About Squirrels and Life, Menger was particularly attracted to the question of difference: the relationship between theatre and reality and the manner in which the spectator today is included into the theatre machine, what he actually comes to get from the theatre, how we think the world we call theatre and how it connects to a reality that has been theatricalicised to the core. In contrast, the texts On Waiting Rooms and a Little Bit More About Life and On Ships and Life are the anchor for her questions on the fluidity of people in the globalised world which is interconnected with different transportation networks, filled with cities that Marc Augé calls non-places, a description of spaces that we only need temporarily, spaces where nobody remains, but rather just arrives and leaves, spaces that we only use in such a way that we never belong to them, so they never become "places".

Première: 1 September 2016
Baptismal staging

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We re Sailing