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47th Week of Slovenian Drama

Mile Korun

The Counsellor

Ljubljana City Theatre


Director: Nina Rajić Kranjac
Dramaturg: Petra Pogorevc
Stage designer: Urša Vidic
Costume designer: Andrej Vrhovnik
Language consultant: Martin Vrtačnik
Lighting designer: Andrej Koležnik


Gašper Tič, Viktorija Bencik Emeršič, Tanja Dimitrievska, Blaž Dolenc (as guest), Mojca Funkl, Jernej Gašperin, Gregor Gruden, Karin Komljanec, Nina Rakovec/Ana Dolinar Horvat, Uroš Smolej, Milan Štefe, Domen Valič

About the performance

The Counsellor is a series of visits to a mysterious master whom people consult for advice. The mysterious master, who wants to help people and asks no payment for his help, can listen carefully, asks direct questions and gives the best advice he can. He’s a mixture of a psychotherapist, interrogator, confessor, philosopher, artist ...

Korun is a brilliant observer of social reality – the Slovenian and the international. He deals with grand eternal themes, but also with tiny peculiarities and habits of the people of today. He asks questions about the meaning of life, moral and ethical dilemmas, human identity, death, love, sexuality, intelligence, stupidity, religion, ideologies ... He is a humorous, yet sharp, critic of the current and erstwhile politics and witty in describing anxieties of a contemporary human and his striving to find quick and easy fixes. Who is the Counsellor? Why do people come to him? And where are we, actually? A surprising turn unveils the view of completely new images, new understanding, new criteria, new essence...


Première: 13 October 2016
Baptismal staging

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The Counsellor