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47th Week of Slovenian Drama

Rok Vilčnik rokgre


Slovenian National Theatre Drama Ljubljana


Director: Eva Nina Lampič
Dramaturg: Simona Hamer
Stage designer: Jasna Vastl
Costume designer: Gordana Bobojević
Composer: Boštjan Narat
Lighting designer: Vlado Glavan
Language consultant: Arko
Music producer: Blaž Celarec
Musicians: Boštjan Narat (guitar, ukulele, melodica), Blaž Celarec (drums), Igor Matković (trumpet)

Poems from Rok Vilčnik’s collection Zdravilo za Ano [Medicine for Ana] are used in the performance.


Marko Mandić, Maša Derganc, Uroš Fürst

About the performance

Tarzan and Jane in the jungle – what could possibly be going on with this paradigmatic romantic couple after they’ve successfully overcome all the obstacles on their path to love?

At first sight, all those things that happen to other couples, too: tiny misunderstandings and altercations, some jealousy and perhaps even a little bit of fatigue, mostly over the jungle and the uncomfortable living condition. When the elegant and cosmopolitan Mike enters the  game, the grounds for a split are prepared. But as is often the case, several interests are at play. Mike charms Jane by selflessly providing the goods of civilisation for her, but this is just his route to the treasure that the primal forest hides. At first glance, the dialogue in the play is light and glib, extremely entertaining; the comedy comes from the combination of character tropes and the unexpected situations in which they find themselves. But the humour becomes increasingly critical as the play, seemingly set in a jungle far away, lays open in front of us a number of burning questions about our materialistic world.

The comedy Tarzan, subtitled as An Exotic Drama was nominated for the Grum Award at the 45th Week of Slovenian Drama.


Première: 19 February 2016
Baptismal staging

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