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47th Week of Slovenian Drama

Matjaž Zupančič


Ekipa Theatre and Druga strefa Theatre, Warsaw, Poland


Translator: Joanna Pomorska
Director and dramaturg: Jan Naturski
Stage designer: Jędrzej Taranek
Costume designer: Dagmara Bąk
Music: Grzegorz Mazoń


Dagmara Bąk, Paweł Ferens, Mieszko Barglik, Jędrzej Taranek

About the performance

Vladimir shows us how evil works. The play is about manipulation and dangerous situations which can affect us on a global and local scale. When Vladimir moves into your house, he simultaneously enters your head. He is an intruder taking your territory, and changing the  pre-existing rules; because only his rules are the "proper" ones. He manipulates people and pretends to be helping them by putting things into order. Every situation in this play could be our personal experience; every mistake made by the characters could be our mistake and in the end, every part of this drama seems to be closer to us than we initially thought. Even the title.

Première: 4 November 2016

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