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47th Week of Slovenian Drama

Day of the Nominees (1st part)

The Day of the Nominees at the Week of Slovenian Drama endeavours for a comprehensive presentation of the nominees for the Grum Award. In the first round of the selection process, the expert jury selects up to five nominees; later, they announce the winner at the  closing ceremony of the festival. In-between, the nominees are presented to the wider audience at the Day of the Nominees, an event  offering a reading of the nominated plays followed by a moderated discussion with their authors.

The reading performances are prepared by promising young directors together with the Prešeren Theatre Kranj ensemble and students of  acting at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, with the authors, the Grum Award jury members, literary theorists, artistic managers, dramaturgs, directors participating in the discussions. The audience, invited to share their vision of the texts with the authors and the guests, plays an important role. This year we will present the nominated texts at two afternoon events at the Slovenian Theatre Institute. In accordance with the basic concept of the Grum Award, the Day of the Nominees is intended to present the best new texts of the Slovenian drama, to promote their authors and to open the space for a dialogical questioning of the situation in the field of the original drama, its staging, interpretation and development.

We hope that the Day of the Nominees becomes a recognisable platform that will help to spread the notion of the importance (and  actuality) of the new drama, also by encouraging the exchange of opinions, because with openness and connections we not only enrich each other, but also the Slovenian playwriting.

Idea and concept of the Day of the Nominees: Rok Andres