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47th Week of Slovenian Drama

Round table: Political (in-)correctness on Slovenian stages

Last year’s theatre season in Slovenian theatres closed with a series of performances that more or less timidly crossed the border of what is usually known as political correctness as their political strategy. The trend continues in this season. Even the biggest national stages have seen this inseparable intertwining of "low" and "high", the "kitsch" and what constitutes "good taste". This strategy of blurring borders and  deliberately transgressing them has been well integrated with these kinds of strategies in the wider social landscape. The stage, always  crossed by socio-political antagonisms has (with some theatre attempts) latched onto the criticism of the rule of (political) correctness and  the liberal ideology. With this, it has probably managed to draw attention to the ever more careful and correct stage politics dealing with  certain neuralgic points. But with the rise of Trumpisms, the questions emerge whether such strategies are perhaps becoming impotent and  whether the stage will be forced to search for other strategic ways for provocation or subversion. 

The event, organised by the Association of Theatre Critics and Researchers of Slovenia, will be moderated by theatre critics Alja Lobnik and Pia Brezavšček.