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47th Week of Slovenian Drama

3rd Professional Meeting of Make-up Artists from Slovenian Theatres

Theatre make-up completes and complements the acting creation, because together with the costume it essentially determines not only the visual part of the performance, but also the expressiveness of the actor, dancer, performer. It connects two aspects – the visual, with which it establishes itself in the field of the authorial artistic expression, and the craft, because the quality of the realisation depends on the expertise and level of command of different techniques and materials. The fast development and accessibility of materials require that make-up artists continue to educate themselves, while at the same time new techniques and materials expand these artists' expressive possibilities. The development of theatre make-up influences not only costume design, but also the development of performative  expression.

All these are the reasons that make the annual meeting of make-up artists such an eagerly anticipated event – not just among the  providers of different materials, but primarily among the artists, who with the help of their acquired knowledge co-create enthralling  theatre events.

This year, the all-day meeting will host a presentation by a representative of the company Samson Kamnik, which for twenty-five years has been producing silicones, polyurethanes, latex, acrylic, pigments and other materials for special effects, stage designs and make-up.