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47th Week of Slovenian Drama

Audiodescription for Theatre - Seminar

A five-day professional training for audiodescription will be a part of the Week of Slovenian Drama. Audiodescription (ad) is an aural presentation of visual elements that provides the blind or the visually impaired with an impression of the action, space, set up,  movements and all other visual elements. In this way, theatre performances, museum and gallery exhibitions, films, and cultural, sporting and other  events can become more accessible to the audience members with impaired sight.

The training will be led by Klavdija Zupan and Sandra Jenko in cooperation with Anke Nicolai, an audiodescription lecturer from Germany. In  addition to an intensive practical seminar about the basics of audiodescription, on the last day, the participants will also learn about the wider context of accessibility and different good practices of audiodescription. As a part of the seminar – as an example of the  audiodescription principles in the creative process – the comedy Hamlet and a half (author and director Jaka Andrej Vojevec) will be  performed.

The seminar is open for theatre experts and artists – particularly dramaturgs, playwrights, directors, actors and educators, but also everyone interested in the accessibility of culture or specifically audiodescription. Visually impaired persons interested in working in the field of performing arts are also invited to actively participate. The training will be mostly in English with summaries in Slovenian. The organiser of  the seminar is the Slovenian Theatre Institute in cooperation with the Week of Slovenian Drama and the Goethe Institute Ljubljana.